Reunion Report 2017

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“All Together, All Together Still Still We Meet”.  These words aptly describe Reunion 2017.  We had members of the milestone Class of ’67 celebrating their Golden Jubilee along with the Class of ’72 celebrating their 45th and the Class of ’62 celebrating their 55th.  We also had classmates not celebrating a milestone but coming to join in the fun of Reunion.  

Wine Social

The Thursday Wine Social, hosted by the Board, has become a great start to Reunion as more and more classmates are arriving Thursday to make it a long weekend.  It is the place to find old friends, some returning for the first time, and meet new alumnae from other classes.

Campus Visit

Merril Sollenberger, our FEMA contact on campus, continues to provide a wonderful tour showing us as much of our old college as possible. It all starts with a box lunch in the Student Center. This year the Class of ’72 decided to try something new.  They arranged through Merril, to stay in the Student  Center after the tour, having the bar in the “Pines” opened and playing music on the jukebox recreating their memories of long ago.  Linda Raudenbush ’72 said “It was the best.  A high point was time on campus, with our free form class meeting, going to so many buildings.  Our guide Merril from FEMA is exceptional.  The class is vital and I am very proud of all of us.”
Friday evening everyone was back at the Wyndham with the Milestone Classes hosting their individual class dinners.  The Jubilee Class of ’67 was decked out in gold for their Golden Anniversary.  The Class of ’72 enjoyed a video put together by Joe Doherty.  It was balanced, got the vibe of the times they were in college and captured all of their classmates.  It was a joy to watch during their dinner.  The Class of ’62 was small in number but mighty in comaraderie.  

Saturday Buffet and Annual Meeting

The Board changed the Saturday format this year to give more Alumnae a chance to attend the Annual Meeting.  Saturday morning was our big buffet breakfast, Annual  Meeting and our guest speaker Dr. Dee Gallo.  New Board Members were sworn in, the finances of the association were discussed and Dr. Dee Gallo was inducted into our Alumnae Association as a member of the Class of ’70 with all the rights and privileges.  Her talks at our breakfasts have become a highlight of Reunion as she dispels some of the myths we learned while at Joe’s.
The Mass at the Basilica was celebrated by Rev. Mike Messaro, MMSC and as always, the Jubilee Class of ’67 led the procession and did the readings.

Reunion Banquet

The banquet is always a special time when we all come together as one.  Florence DeLessio Marchetti, Class of ’67 gave a wonderful speech titled “Picture This” as she told of times long ago in the ‘60’s and times now in 2017.  The Hassel Cup was awarded to the Class of ’72.  The Class of ’67 won the Sister Mary Ellen Kelley Award.  The Husbands/Friends Cup was won by the rowdy group of Husbands from the Class of ’72.  To say they were thrilled is an understatement!  Our Alma Mater was sung to close the evening.

Sunday morning was a farewell continental breakfast.  It is a time for goodbyes and also promises to keep in touch and return to the Valley once again.

Reunion Memories

“Anyone who missed this, missed the time of their life.” a sentiment expressed by Cathy Homan Winslow ’72. 

Mary Morel Ingram ’72 said “It was wonderful, I cried so much!  I’ll be back! 

Anita Cody ’72 added “ I would recommend Reunion to all as an opportunity to meet older and younger alumnae who attended SJC.  It was great talking to other classes who were at Reunion.”

From the Class of ’65 Jane Brennan said “as usual Reunion was wonderful.  Dee Gallo’s talk was great”. Sharon Grady and Jane Sutton agreed it was great having the Annual Meeting on Saturday instead of Sunday and also loved Dee Gallo.

Ann Welkener ’62 said “it was a great Reunion.  Fantastic!  And Chris Roos Mehl ’70  “This was the best Reunion yet!  We did a lot of catching up in a short time”.

Making New Memories

Mark your calendars for April 12 -15, 2018.  Come and renew friendships, reminisce about past memories and make new memories.  Remember, the Board is working to continue Reunions through 2025 – which means only eight more.  We would love to see you all at Reunion.

Reunion Slideshow

To relive the weekend memories of 2017 from Wine Social to Sunday breakfast, view our Reunion Slideshow.

Click any thumbnail image to open a slideshow window and view the photos full-size. In the slideshow window, click the round arrow button to start the slideshow.


Please enjoy sharing the unique spirit of the SJC Alumnae as they celebrated being All Together (includes some of the photos from our slideshow set to music).
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