Reunion Report 2014

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The St. Joseph College Alumnae Association Annual Reunion weekend was held from March 27 to March 30, 2014 in Gettysburg, PA.

Preparing and Planning…

Maryann Lesso ’70, overall Chair for Reunion 2014 wrote

On behalf of our co-chair Chris Goglia ‘73 and the entire Reunion Committee, I want to thank all of you who attended Reunion 2014.  It was our pleasure to put on this show for you.  Planning an event like Reunion is a year-long commitment.  You always wonder whether 'they will come.'  Working with the class agents from the milestone classes was such fun, and they really delivered their classmates.  Listening to you all reminisce about your time at Joe’s and hearing your laughter made all the work that went into this weekend worthwhile.  I want to give a special thank you to those class agents:  Helene Dragon Zaepfel ’49; Romain Smith Burelbach ’54;  Mary Lou Dingle Castellano ’59; Chrystie Damico Goles ’64; Jean Givens Denney ’69 and Gerri McGuire Hawn ’69; and Trudie Mangiaracina Glazewski, ’74.  

This year’s reunion featured some new events including a well-received presentation by Dee Gallo, Archivist for the Daughters of Charity, about the role of the Daughters and St. Joseph College during the Civil War.  On Saturday afternoon, Mrs. Irene Powell hosted a tea at the new Grotto Visitor Center.  

Maryann concluded “Throughout the weekend all you heard was laughter.  It seemed like no time had gone by since graduation.  What a wonderful gift we all share.”

Class Dinners

This was the first year that all of the milestone classes held their class dinners at The Wyndham.  Not only is it convenient, the food and arrangements are top-notch.  The Class of ’54 had a lively group of alums, husbands and children.  In fact, later in the weekend, they were awarded the Class of ’52 award for the highest number of guests in attendance.  The Class of ’59 included a book club meeting as part of their weekend.  At The Class of ‘69 dinner classmates shared impromptu recaps of their lives.  The Class of ’74, who lived through the trauma of the closing of the college, were well and enthusiastically represented thanks to the recruiting efforts of Trudie Mangiaracina Glazewski.   

The Goldens: Class of ‘64

This group was so eager to start their 50th celebration that 43 of them arrived on Thursday for dinner in the hotel dining room.  Heather Laird Martin had collected photos from classmates and created a lovely photo book of our 50 years together, which many had pre-ordered. After dinner, we gathered in our Hospitality Suite where messages and photos from those unable to attend were posted.  More classmates arrived on Friday to be present for our Golden Jubilee Mass held in the campus chapel at which we especially remembered our deceased classmates.  From there we went on to our Class Dinner. As the reunion chair, Maryann Lesso described it: “What a joyous event they had.  The room looked so elegant, the food was fabulous, there was gold swag at each seat, and a slide show of their days at Joe’s.” 

On Saturday, we enjoyed a relaxing day of activities, capped by the Alumnae Mass at the Basilica and the Banquet. There was general agreement that Claire Maurer captured the essence of the Class of ’64 in delivering the traditional Memories remarks presented by the Golden Class. 
Read the Golden Memories remarks delivered by Claire >>

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Legacy Gifts

Our appreciation for the legacy of our experience at SJC was expressed in the generous donations of our classmates to the gifts of $11,450 to the Seton Center and $7,750 to the SJCAA Scholarship at Mt. St. Mary's University, for a grand total of $19,200.

Reunion Reactions

There is something special about every milestone reunion but the 50th is a super milestone.  Whatever our expectations were, they were exceeded.  Here are just a few reactions:

Still smiling from all of the happiness shared at the 2014 Reunion was rejuvenating! Kudos to all who made our celebration so special.

—  Dolores Vasquez Dougherty

It really was a magical time to sit anywhere with any one and have a great time of catch-up with warmth and laughter! Maybe other golden classes feel the same ....BUT, I am sure we trumped all past joys.

— Pat Troller Seagreaves

Thanks so much to you and all the Committee members who worked so hard to make Reunion 50 so memorable.  The years melted away as we greeted each other with hugs, caught up on our present lives, and of course, shared old stories from our ‘Joe's years’.

— Barbara Marut Grella

Sharing the Memories

The Golden Class was not alone in savoring this special event with classmates.  

I want to thank you all on behalf of my class for the great time several of us were able to experience at our 60th Reunion.  I have just written a letter to all members describing the highlights of the weekend.  I personally want to thank all of you, and others, who were so helpful to me over the months leading up to Reunion, and at the Reunion itself.  Everything was so well handled that it made the experience so pleasant and friendly... Now I sit back and inhale the memories.

— Romain Smith Burelbach '54

Still smiling after a great weekend with old and new friends. It is surprising how quickly we become comfortable and relate to each other. It is also amazing how much fun it is to  meet someone we only knew slightly and realize how much we have in common and enjoy their company.  In our class dinner, 45 years after graduation, we each gave impromptu brief recaps of our lives. Whether we never held a paying job or had climbed the corporate ladder the comments were  'so I ...'.  No one mentioned a partner's or child's career.  All I could think was we are a group of empowered women with unbelievable talents.  Joe’s definitely made a difference for all of us!

— Jean Givens Denney ’69

We know each other in a way that many do not, having gone through the trauma of that event at SJC that changed us forever. But the strength of our friendship and sisterhood wasn't  touched, in fact I think it made our bond even stronger for having to endure such an uprooting at that fragile time of our lives. This weekend proved that we really are quite a special class, and the laughter and stories that we shared will be alive in our memories until the next time we are 'ALL TOGETHER.'

— Trudie Mangiaracina Glazewski ’74


The Sister Mary Ellen Kelley award for the largest number of attendees and the Hassell Vase for the highest percentage of the class alumnae attending were awarded to the Class of ’64.

The Class of 1952 award for the class with the highest number of guests attending was awarded to the Class of ’54.

Join Us Next Year

Mark your calendars now for March 19-22, 2015 for the 118th Annual SJCAA Reunion at the Gettysburg Wyndham Hotel, Gettysburg, PA.  Everyone is welcome!  Share the joy of being  “All Together.”


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