Reunion Report 2016

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Once again, March 31 through April 3, Joe’s Girls returned to the Valley and Gettysburg for Reunion 2016.  All Together, 139 strong, all milestone classes from 1951 through 1971 attended, joined by representatives from many of the classes 1964 through 1974. It was a wonderful chance to share memories with classes that were on campus together.  The representatives from the classes of 1967 and 1972 came to begin planning Reunion 2017, just a year away.

Wine Social

The Wine Social Thursday was the place to find old friends, some returning for the first time in 45 to 50 years.  The reception was always the same – a smile and then hugs.  More and more classmates are making it a long weekend arriving Thursday to enjoy the wine and camaraderie.

Campus Visit

This year we offered box lunches to be eaten in the Student Center.  Merril Sollenberger, our FEMA contact on campus, continues to provide a wonderful tour showing us as much of our old college as possible.  Almost 70 alumnae journeyed to the Grotto at Mount St Mary’s for a reception hosted by interim President Karl Einolf. The Classes of ’66 and ‘71 had an evening Mass in the College Chapel to honor all their classmates.  Friday evening, the classes of 1961, 1966 and 1971 held individual class dinners at the Wyndham, sharing memories late into the evening.   Saturday morning, at the continental breakfast, Sr. Martha Beaudoin ’62 from Seton Outreach Center, talked about her work with the poor and running the thrift shop.  Jennifer Buchheister Director of Advancement at Mother Seton School talked about the School and introduced our scholarship recipient, Kendall Abruzzese, a 6th Grader. Reverend Kevin Farmer celebrated the Mass at the Basilica.

Reunion Banquet

The banquet was a memorable event with 170 alumnae and guests present.   Katie Boland White and Jane Davis Marden’66 presented a wonderful skit dressed as Joe’s girl describing their antics during their time together at SJC. The Class of 1966 won the Hassel Cup and the Sister Mary Ellen Kelley Award.  The Class of 1961 won the Husbands/Friends Cup.  The husbands proudly accepted. The 50th reunion contribution of $13,500.00+ generously donated by the Class of ’66, was divided between the Seton Outreach Center and the Alumnae Association Mount Saint Mary’s Scholarship Fund.  The donation to the Seton Outreach Center is helping fund their new building.         

Reunion ended Sunday morning with a buffet breakfast, Annual Meeting, and the final singing of our school song.  There was no lack of energy even at 8 AM – it sounded like no one had gone to bed, the noise level was the same as the banquet the night before!

Reunion Memories

The best part of reunion is the smile on the face of alumnae as they enjoy each other’s company. 

Ronnie Malone ’56 wrote “Love being with my classmates.  The visit on campus was the highlight.  It is emotional but not in an unpleasant way”.

As Anne Leahigh Grau ’61 said “ It is great we’re still alive and here.  It’s terrific being back.  The idea of a class dinner at the hotel is a great one – we can relax and enjoy each other and not have to worry about driving back”.

JoAnne McNally Downes ’61 said “It’s great seeing so many people we have kept in touch with.  The facility is wonderful and we are looking forward to our 60th”.

“Having a blast!” said Mary Furey Keenan ’66 and classmate Virginia Walsh O’Neill ’66 added “seeing people we haven’t seen in a long time is great – being on campus is fantastic.”

The Golden Class of ’66 started celebrating early having a pizza party Thursday night in their Hospitality Suite. As the Class of ’66 was walking through the hotel, they called out…”We will be back to support you!”

The Class of ’71 came together 34 strong!  Joan Durante Beaudry said “Had a fantastic time at the class dinner reconnecting with all my classmates”.  

Barbara Abell Sariano added “It’s great to see people.  We’re having a great time”.  

Class Agent Marilyn Caruso Burlenski, said ”It’s great to reconnect with everyone from our time in the Valley”.  

Susan Roach Thomey summed it up with “Congratulations on a wonderful Reunion. The Class of ’71 had a fantastic time recalling past times and creating new memories together.  I had a smile on my face being back in the Valley with everyone again”.

The Class of ’74 has decided that they will attend Reunion annually as they have so much fun together and there are only 9 more Reunions till 2025.
Jane Davis Gallagher said “I love seeing the women who went before us celebrate their friendships which began at St. Joe’s.  I also love reconnecting with my Joe’s sisters in the class of ’74!  An indescribable feeling …18 again if only for a few days”.

Kathy Fleming Glennon said “Although my memory is short and the time that’s past is long – thank God that Trudie, Kerns and Oliver could sing our dormitory song!”

Paula Kozloski Swetley summed it up saying “thanks to all who attended this year’s reunion and we look forward in reuniting with more of our sisters from the Class of ’74.  It was a wonderful weekend that I will treasure forever!  Mark your calendars for March 23 – March 26, 2017.  Come and join the fun, renew friendships, reminisce about past memories at Joe’s, and share with us your present times with each other”.

Join Us Next Year

The joy and appreciation shown by each alumna makes the work worthwhile.  The reunion committee is looking forward to another great reunion in 2017.  Dates are Thursday, March 23 to Sunday, March 26.  Remember, we are working to continue reunions through 2025 – which means only 9 more.  We would love to see more of you at a non-milestone year. Everyone is welcome!  Share the joy of being  “All Together.”

Photo Slideshow

To relive the weekend memories from the wine social to Sunday breakfast, view our Reunion 2016 slideshow.

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Please enjoy sharing the unique spirit of the SJC Alumnae as they celebrated being All Together (includes some of the photos from our slideshow set to music).
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#1 Jane Manning Brennan 2016-06-30 12:56
Congratulations to all and especially to the Class of 1966 Golden Girls and their fantastic contribution to the Seton Center and the Scholarship Fund. Way to go Ladies.

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