SJCAA Scholarship to Mount St. Mary's University

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Why a Scholarship?

The simple answer to “why?” is “legacy”.   Although the college was closed in 1973, SJC Alumnae maintain strong ties to each other and Emmitsburg, supporting local charities and returning to the Valley to attend annual reunions. Alumnae treasure their relationship and the experiences they shared at St. Joseph College.

Recognizing that the life of the Alumnae Association is a limited one, the Alumnae wanted to establish a lasting influence in Emmitsburg to ensure that the educational legacy of Mother Seton and St. Joseph College will endure, well beyond the life of the Alumnae Association.

In memory of all St. Joseph College Alumnae, the St. Joseph College Scholarship at Mount St. Mary’s University was established in 2013.  The first award will be for the 2015-2016 academic year.

Why Mount St. Mary’s?

In 1809, when Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton and her community of sisters arrived in Emmitsburg to establish the St. Joseph’s Free School and Academy, Father John Dubois, founder of Mount St. Mary’s, offered his cabin on Mary’s Mountain for their use until their farmhouse in St. Joseph’s Valley was ready for occupancy. The friendship and partnership between these two educational communities has endured for more than two centuries.

After it was announced that St. Joseph College would close in 1973, Mount St. Mary’s announced that it would begin accepting women students.  A number of SJC students at the time of the school closing transferred to and graduated from the Mount.  Today, the university undergraduate student population is over 50% female, although the scholarship is not restricted to female students.

Scholarship Criteria

The scholarship will be awarded to a rising or transfer junior or senior based on financial need and academic merit (GPA 3.0 or higher), supported by a letter of recommendation from a faculty member from MSM or another accredited college or university. First preference would be a student with a relationship or meaningful connection to an alumna of St. Joseph College. The relationship does not have to be a blood connection but the candidate must verify his/her link to an alumna of St. Joseph College.

Scholarship Award

The financial value of the award will be determined when the award is announced for a particular academic year, based on the current value of the SJCAA Scholarship Fund endowment at that time.  As long as the recipient meets the requirements, the scholarship will be maintained through the completion of their undergraduate education, not to exceed two years.

How to Apply

Applications can be obtained from the St. Joseph College Alumnae Office in the Advancement Suite in 214 Bradley Hall, Mount St. Mary’s University.

For specific information and application deadlines, contact Kathleen Hollenbeck, SJC Alumnae Liaison by phone (301-447-5075) or email at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How to Donate

Donations to the St. Joseph College Alumnae Association Scholarship Fund can be made on our website.
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