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SJC Women Learners Fund Donates Memorial Sconce, Plaque to Seton Museum

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2009 Memorial Sconce DedicationKathleen Graham ’68 offered the following remarks during the dedication service for the SJC Memorial Sconce and plaque held at Reunion 2009:


Thank you for being here today to dedicate this sconce, this beacon, which represents you and me, and every women learner in St. Joseph’s Valley for the past two centuries.

Sacred Scripture abounds with references to light. Recall John the Baptist, a man sent from God, who came as a witness, to testify to the true light, the Son of God, who was coming into the world.

Throughout the ages, countless others have given witness to the Light.

Two hundred years ago, one of those witnesses, Elizabeth Seton, came to this Valley of Emmitsburg. We know, of course, that Mother Seton, her children and her small band of sisters, endured some very dark days here, but their faith, their hope, and their belief in the Light sustained them.

And after their work was finished, others picked up the torch. This morning, we remember in a very special way so many other witnesses to the light. We remember the Sisters of Charity of St. Joseph, the Daughters of Charity, and the hundreds of women from our St. Joseph College family who have gone before us.

And we remember other women, our mothers and grandmothers, some of whom were also students in this remote and hauntingly beautiful Valley, or who worked very hard so that we would have the opportunity to be counted among the women learners of St. Joseph’s.

So this morning, during this Easter week, as the alleluias of the great feast still echo, let us all raise our hands in a prayer of blessing.

Risen Lord, bless all who pass by this light and learn of the women of St. Joseph’s.

Bless the women learners of St. Joseph’s Valley.

May our flame never be extinguished.

And may we always walk in your light.

St. Joseph, guardian of our Valley, pray for us.

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, light of our Valley, pray for us.

Now let us go forth in the light of the Easter season and celebrate, once again, being “All Together.”

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