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Class of ’72 Mini-Reunion, October 23-26, 2014

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72 reunion2014 squareMembers of the Class of '72 spent a long weekend in Santa Rosa California to visit with West Coast classmates Jayne Bianco Cohill and Maureen Maloy Biggers.  Jodi Youngstrom Henderson, Nancy (Nugent) and Jim Clapp, Jo (Ketner) and Dick Gallagher, Chris Mele, Mary (Scotch) Kincaid Asaki and Karen Mattscheck all headed west for the weekend.  Our hostess Jayne did a fantastic job of organzing us for our time there; it was a memorable visit.

The weekend kicked off with a dinner at Jayne Bianco Cohill's house.  She and husband Mike hosted a wonderful reception and dinner out on their patio.

On Thursday, we all headed in different directions.  Mary Kelly and Maureen Biggers volunteered to help Jayne get ready for the dinner at her house.  Nancy and Jim Clapp went to visit wineries in Napa Valley from which they regularly buy wine.  The rest of us (Jodi Henderson, Scotty Asaki, Jo and Dick Gallagher and Karen Mattscheck) headed to the Ledson winery which Karen has purchased from for years.  She ended up joining a wine club there which meant we could drink as much as we wanted...for free.  And we did!  We met the owner and Marc the sommelier and assistant to the winemaker.  Marc gave us an extensive tour of their wine list and poured a lot of wine (some of which was not on the wine tasting list).  We learned the finer arts of wine tasting and even remember some of them!  Then we headed to Sonoma, then back to the bar.  We met up with the Clapps there and the Chris Mele found us there when she arrived from Tampa.  We all headed to Jayne's house for a wonderful meal.  Jayne served both appetizers  and dinner outside on the patio so we could enjoy the view.  It was a good chance to share our day’s excursions, unwind and just visit.

Friday morning, we headed to Healdsburg, a quaint town in wine country.  There were plenty of places to sample wine, eat something and shop.  Lots of shopping and wine tasting -- some interesting clothing purchases were made and more wine clubs were joined!

Saturday morning we headed to Kunde Winery.   A member of the owner's family, Jordan, 24, was our guide.  During a bus tour of the vineyard.  Jordan stopped in several places to talk about the winery and how it is certified as sustainable.   He also had stories about Jack London drinking with the original owner and Geena Davis getting married at the winery.  We stopped for pictures and had a '72 moment - we picked up Jordan to pose for a picture.....he said that had never happened before.  We then had lunch in a wine cave which generated the 'babes in the cave' picture (thanks, Dick, for the name). More wine club memberships were started! Then back to the bar and then dinner in Santa Rosa.

Sunday we met at a small winery Gracianna for a tasting and a tour.  The owners recently finished their home and gave us a tour of that beautiful building.  Then on to tasting.  We sat out on picnic tables and sampled many wines.  More wine clubs memberships!  Memberships get a vineyard medallion made so one will read SJC72 CA 2014 to commemorate our visit.  We had a box lunch there which was great.  People starting leaving at that point (Jodi, Mary, and Chris).  The rest of us relaxed for the afternoon, then had a farewell dinner at the hotel.

Stayed tuned for the next class of '72 adventure....definitely a luncheon or more in October 2014, possibly in 2015 -- spring training in Florida?


Enjoy a slideshow of our mini-reunion!

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