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Bequests Help Kickoff Scholarship Fund

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Generous bequests from two alumnae, as well as additional thoughtful donations and resources, have enabled us to make our initial contribution of $50,000 to begin the St. Joseph College Alumnae Scholarship at Mount St. Mary’s University. In addition to the matured CDs that the Association donated, the Baltimore Chapter of the Alumnae Association has contributed $2000, several classes have designated class gift funds for their future 50th Reunion class gift, and individual alumnae have contributed.

Estate Bequests

The SJCAA recently received a generous $10,000 bequest from the estate of Marie Slyker Schmidt ’40. In her trust, Marie stated “When I was most in need of guidance when I was very young, the Daughters of Charity, who had been a part of my life since infancy, were generous to me, providing me with an education, including a code of ethics which has guided my life.” When Marie's daughter notified us of this bequest, she wrote, “Our mother was so proud and grateful for her education….thank you for what you meant to our mother.” For more information about Marie, see the In Memoriam section of our website.

The SJCAA also has received a bequest of $1000 from the estate of Mabel Edwards Fechteler ’35, who died on August 6, 2011.

Scholarship Details

SJCAA is immensely grateful for the support thus far to begin this endeavor. The $50,000 is now designated officially at Mount St. Mary’s for our scholarship fund. Under the agreed upon terms, the first scholarship award will be in 2015 for the academic year beginning in the Fall of 2015.

The amount to be awarded will be 5% of the total amount of the fund. Right now that would be $2500. Additional donations to the fund will increase the amount of the award. First preference for the award will be a student with a relationship or meaningful connection to an alumna of St. Joseph College.

We are so pleased to share this good news with you. As you consider your charitable giving, we hope you will consider supporting this effort.

Donations may be made online by credit card online by credit card or sent by check to the St. Joseph College Alumnae Office at the address listed below. We also welcome additional bequests. Please make checks payable to SJCAA and indicate that the donation is for the Scholarship Fund. If your class has arranged for a Class Gift fund, your donation will be credited to your class’ fund.

The Board of Trustees of St. Joseph College Alumnae Association, Inc., is so grateful for this support to continue the St. Joseph's legacy in the Valley for years to come!

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