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SJC Board Structure Changes Triggers Require Bylaw Amendment

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At the September 22, 2012 meeting of the SJCAA Board of Trustees, the SJCAA Transition Committee proposed changes to the Board’s structure. The committee’s work corresponds to Goal 5.0 of our Association’s Strategic Plan. The Board unanimously approved the recommended changes. The changes necessitate amending our current Bylaws (approved in 2009).
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Following are highlights of the proposed changes to the Association’s bylaws:

  1. A change in the number of Trustees on the Board. The 2009 Bylaws call for 12; the proposed Bylaws call for 9;
  2. A change in the number of Standing Committees (Article X); four Standing Committees, as opposed to nine Standing Committees are recommended. The previous committees, i.e. Philanthropy, Liturgy, Marketing, Nominating, and Clubs, will become subcommittees under the four committees noted below.
    • Finance Committee will include Philanthropy as a subcommittee
    • Reunion Committee will include Liturgy as a subcommittee
    • Marketing will be coordinated by the Communications Committee
    • A Classes Committee will “prepare a slate of candidates” and assumes the function of a Nominating committee. The Classes Committee, through its organization of Class Agents and their Class Committees, will also encourage regional and local alumnae Clubs

Also proposed:

• Eliminate the “lapse of one (1) year” requirement for those seeking office

• Replace the term “Executive Administrator” with “Alumnae Liaison”

• Our Alumnae Liaison will serve as secretary and a non-voting member of the Board

• Replace term Class Secretary/Secretaries with the term Class Agent/Agents

The most significant change involves the number of voting Trustees.  We will be gradually moving from 12 elected Trustees plus officers and appointed committee chairs to 9 Trustees. The 9 Trustees will include officers and heads of committees.

In early 2013, the Association will be electing 3 Trustees for three-year terms (2013-2016). If our alumnae accept the new Bylaws, this will be the last group of Trustees elected under the 2009 Bylaws. All elected Trustees who currently serve on the Board, i.e. those whose terms extend through 2014 and 2015, as well as those elected for terms through 2016 will continue to be on the Board as voting Trustees until their terms expire. The number of Trustees, however, will be slowly reduced over the next three years.

In 2016, the new board will consist of a President, Vice-President, Treasurer/Finance Committee Chair, Alumnae Sister, Reunion Chair, Communications Chair, the immediate Past President, and two representatives from the Classes Committee. The Alumnae Liaison will serve as a non-voting member of the Board. A copy of the Bylaws approved by the SJCAA Board is available for your review. Areas noted in red in the attached document indicate the proposed changes.
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