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May 2012 ~ Board Leadership Message

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At this time last year, your SJC Alumnae Board was finalizing a Management Service Agreement with Mount St. Mary’s University. We were also beginning the interview process for a new Alumnae Liaison. By July, we had a new office phone number, a new office email address and, most important, a pleasant new voice, that of Kathleen Hollenbeck, welcoming callers to the “St Joseph College Alumnae Office” in Bradley Hall on the Mount campus.

It seemed that we had come full circle from an earlier time, when in July 1809 our college’s foundress, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, received encouragement and support from Fr. John DuBois a resident of Mary’s Mountain. Who says that history doesn’t repeat itself?

Your St. Joseph College Alumnae Association was experiencing additional energy and momentum. We had more than 800 active members. Our new tiered membership options were attracting alumnae who wished to give more than basic dues to our Association and philanthropies. In 2011, the association’s dues income was the highest in five years!

Several new committees related to our Strategic Plan were appointed:

  • The Classes/Class Agents committee examined the role of class agents and how these alumnae might be included in the leadership structure of the board
  • A Clubs committee primarily focused on resurrecting the Emmitsburg Club
    (This group is planning a special Founder’s Day activity in June; check our website for information.)
  • The Board’s Philanthropy committee reviewed funding a St. Joseph College Alumnae Association Scholarship for a student at the Mount
  • The Website Committee finalized a proposal to update and enhance our association’s website capabilities so we can deliver information to you, our membership, in more timely and efficient ways.
  • Finally, a committee to “Revitalize” the Board’s Structure began a two-year commitment to set reasonable goals for the Association’s future. A first step was to collect and analyze membership data for the past 10 years and make projections about the Association’s future income.

And so we began 2012 with goals to accomplish now and in the years ahead. Our first jolt of reality occurred courtesy of the U.S. Postal Service. Invoices for 2012 dues were mailed in early November 2011, but we experienced significant delays in delivery due to cost-cutting measures by the Postal Service. Consequently, our invoices did not make it into your mailboxes until mid-December -- a time when everyone is preparing for Christmas!

This unanticipated and unwelcome delay has had a significant negative impact on our 2012 budget. We are experiencing a shortfall in dues income.   As of this date, the number of active, dues-paying members for 2012 is below 600.  That’s more than 200 less than our year-ago membership numbers! We can do so much better!

Thanks to many of you, we have collected approximately $40,000 in dues income, but our 2012 budget is based on dues income of $50,000. We must make up that shortfall.

At last year’s General Meeting, I stressed that we needed the help of all alumnae to keep the Association alive. To put it simply, we depend on your alumnae dues for our survival.

So I’m reaching out to each of you again and asking for your help. I encourage you, your classmates, and SJC friends to keep your memberships active by paying your dues annually to our alumnae association.

If you have not submitted dues for 2012, please do so that we can remain "All Together." Kindly submit your 2012 dues ass soon as possible, so that you can be sure of receiving the fall issue of The Valley Echo.

Please join with your Board of Trustees in committing to keeping us All Together. We not only need the encouragement and support of class agents but alumnae to “spread the word.”

Help sustain St. Joseph College Alumnae Association’s golden links of friendship and its “charity and good works” -- not only this year but in the years to come.

Thank you for all that you do.

Warmest regards,

Maureen McPartland Smith ’65, President
St. Joseph College Alumnae Association

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