Board Leadership Message

May 2013 ~ Board Leadership Message

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At the Sunday morning breakfast and General Meeting of the Alumnae Association, reports from members of the Board and committee chairs focused on the highlights of the past year.

The Alumnae Association continues to maintain a steady number of active members. In 2012, the Association listed 798 dues paying, “active” members who contributed $51,506 in dues income. At the time of 2013 Reunion, the Association had received dues from over 500 alumnae and about $40,000 in dues income. The Association’s annual budget for 2013 is based on $50,000 from dues income. We are depending on your dues, so if you haven’t paid your dues for 2013, please send your payment today.

The Board renegotiated the Management Service Agreement (MSA) with Mount St. Mary’s University for 2013. The time commitment for Kathleen Hollenbeck, our Alumnae Liaison, in the SJCAA office has increased from 50% to 80%. In addition, the new agreement provides extra accounting assistance and oversight as well as a conversion to a newer, more flexible version of QuickBooks (QB 2012) to manage our financial data.

A new opportunity for giving, the St. Joseph College Alumnae Scholarship, has been established at Mount St. Mary’s University. First preference for the award would be to a student with a relationship with or meaningful connection to an alumna of St. Joseph College. The connection does not have to be a blood relationship. Financial need and academic achievement are also variables in qualifying for and maintaining the scholarship for the following year. An SJCAA Scholarship Committee will review applications along with the Mount’s University Scholarship Committee. The final decision concerning the recipient of the scholarship will be weighted heavily toward the recommendation of the SJCAA’s Scholarship Committee. The SJC Alumnae Office is ready to accept your donations now. Please send your donations to the St. Joseph College Alumnae Association, PO Box 1149, Emmitsburg, MD 21727. All checks should be made out to the St. Joseph College Alumnae Association, Inc. Please make certain you indicate somewhere on your check or on an enclosed note that your donation is for the “St. Joseph College Alumnae Scholarship”. We look forward to realizing our goal of $50,000 soon so that we can award a scholarship for the 2015-2016 academic year.

Our website ( has been updated. It has a new look and we are posting information more frequently. Please check it out; we think you will be pleased with the changes.

Unfortunately, we did NOT deliver a Valley Echo to you in Fall 2012 as promised. Rather, the Winter 2013 edition was delivered after the holidays. A Fall 2013 issue of The Valley Echo is planned. Mary Lou Jones, class news coordinator, has already sent notices to class agents concerning the deadline for news. The Board has an editorial committee in place and we anticipate mailing the publication in early October. Kathleen Graham ’68 has retired from her position as editor, a position she held for many years. SJC alumnae and the SJCAA Board are very grateful to Kate for the time she spent making certain we all received the class news!

Finally the Association adopted new bylaws to complement the changes made in the Board’s organizational structure. These changes move the Board toward using committees and committee chairs for board positions. Board terms or appointments will be for one year and terms are renewable. The Association will depend more heavily on class agents (secretaries) for leadership. Board committees and some board meetings may take place via conference calls or even Skype in the future.
View 2013 Bylaws and background information >>

Discussion concerning the board’s structure also included research on the Association’s membership trends during the past 10 years. A Board committee looked carefully at years of membership records and suggested options for future annual alumnae reunions. Karen Mattscheck, SJCAA Board Vice-President, presented the committee’s findings and indicated further input was necessary from class agents and their classmates. Committee members will be meeting during the upcoming summer months to continue their discussions on locations and dates for annual reunions beginning in 2016.

At each year’s General Meeting, I continue to stress we need the help of all alumnae to keep the Association alive to ensure that we stay together and that every graduating class is able to enjoy their 50th Class Reunion. To put it simply, we depend on your alumnae dues for our survival. So I am reaching out to each of you again and asking for your help. I encourage you, your classmates, and SJC friends to keep your memberships active by paying your dues annually to our Alumnae Association.

If you have not submitted dues for 2013, please do so. If you are not current with your 2013 dues, an envelope was included in the latest mailing. Check the address label on this mailing. It tells you when your dues will expire or when they did expire.

Kindly submit your 2013 dues no later than June 30th so that you can be sure of receiving the fall issue of The Valley Echo.

Join with your Board of Trustees in its commitment to keeping us All Together. We not only need the encouragement and support of class agents but we also need alumnae like you to “spread the word.”

Help sustain St. Joseph College Alumnae Association’s golden links of friendship and its “charity and good works”, not only for this year but also in the years to come.

Thank you for all that you do.

Warm regards,

Maureen McPartland Smith ’65
President, St. Joseph College Alumnae Association

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