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Fall 2010 ~ Message From the SJCAA Leadership

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We Alumnae of St. Joseph College are truly a special, unique group of women. That’s why the push is on from your Alumnae Board of Trustees to bring many more of us “All Together.” In a 2010 survey of SJC Class Secretaries, 94% of respondents said that “keeping us together as long as possible” was essential or very important. Other priorities were organizing and managing the annual Reunion (100%); having an annual alumnae publication (83%); and maintaining the SJC Alumnae Office (83%) and website.

Right now, we have on file valid home addresses for more than 1,850 graduates and former students of St. Joseph College. But in 2010, we heard from less than half of you, approximately 800 members. We are extremely grateful for that loyal support, but, we can and must do better.

Our goals are to:

  • Increase the number of active St. Joseph College Alumnae Association (SJCAA) members
  • Draw more people to our terrific Reunions; and
  • Keep the fires of our alma mater burning brightly for as long as possible

The Alumnae Office in Emmitsburg is the hub of our activities. It’s where our records are housed and maintained. It’s where you can call to find long-lost classmates, order a new supply of the popular note cards featuring treasured buildings on our former campus, ensure that you are registered for Reunion, update your contact information, and arrange to donate a memorial brick outside the former college chapel. The Alumnae Office also provides administrative support to our dedicated volunteers.

Just who are our volunteers? They’re members of our Board of Trustees, elected and appointed, and they’re other SJC women who have stepped up to help. Each year, all give countless hours of their time to meet your expectations. Working via email, conference calls and semi-annual board meetings, they plan and staff our annual Reunions and, along with the office, coordinate the myriad details that go into these gatherings.

Other board members work on this website and produce The Valley Echo. Several Finance Committee members collaborate in planning and monitoring our annual budget, and partner with our Philanthropy Committee in supporting charitable works. We also have a Liturgy Committee for our inspiring, uplifting Reunion Masses.

Our Class Secretaries are indispensable. And we have area clubs, where SJC women gather to renew friendships and cultivate new ones. Our established clubs continue to flourish and new ones have formed in Colorado and Georgia. A Florida group welcomes wintering alums and guests.

The Alumnae Board is now creating a vision statement for our organization as we work to define our future. But to have a future, we need you. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all SJC classes were able to celebrate their 50 th anniversaries of graduation at an SJC Reunion? You can help us make that happen. Here’s how.

During recent months, we’ve closely assessed our financials and taken steps to contain costs. Our efforts to keep us “All Together” include quarterly communications from our office and Board. But the reality is that unless we increase the number of dues-paying members, we will be forced to curtail mailings to the very people we are trying to keep “All Together,” and to communicate only with dues-paying members.

Please don’t let that happen. If $50 in annual dues presents a financial hardship, please donate what you can in order to be considered an active member. No amount is insignificant, and your dues and contributions are tax deductible.

For those of you who can afford more, the Board has implemented a tiered membership program. And we have begun to send you an annual dues invoice, which we hope that will be a convenient reminder and result in a good response. Dues for 2011 should be submitted by December 31, 2010.

Those of you who have attended a recent Reunion and Liturgy understand that the spirit of SJC has never been more alive. Come be with us again. Come home to the Valley. If that is not possible, please do what you can. Help us to sustain the SJCAA for as long as possible. Help us to remain “All Together.”

Jacquie Nemetz Van Meter ’68, President

Maureen McPartland Smith ’65, Vice President/Treasurer/President-Elect

Claire B. Maurer ’64, Chair, Finance

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