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2017 ~ Leadership Message

May 2017

Greetings to all members of the St. Joseph College Alumnae Association!

I hope everyone is enjoying the gifts brought by spring, including all of the bright colors outside!  We had a fabulous 120th SJC Reunion weekend March 23 – 26, 2017 and we celebrated all classes ending in “2” and “7”. This year marks the 44th Reunion since our dear Alma Mater closed in 1973. It’s hard to believe that so many years have passed since we were young girls walking around on our beautiful campus at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Yes, the years have passed, and our lives have slowed down somewhat (or maybe not), but our hearts are still those of the young friends who met during our precious years spent living and learning about life at St. Joseph College.  So many of you celebrated the weekend by meeting with friends and reminiscing about all of our memories from Thursday at our wine social to the final breakfast on Sunday, where people didn’t want to let the weekend end.

The Class of ’67 enjoyed their 50th Reunion this year and Flo Delessio Marchetti represented the class with a rousing speech at the Saturday night dinner expressing “picture this” as she spoke about their memories at St. Joe’s with vivid memories and lots of her classic humor.  
Alumnae from the SJC Class of 1972 celebrated their 45th Reunion with gusto. Here are a few quotes from the weekend:

Linda Ciborowski '72 - "What a wonderful weekend - If you weren't there, know that we missed you and that we thought of the whole class (and swapped stories) all weekend.
Karen Pagliughi O'Leary ' 72 - "It was great fun - and a rousing success!! Or maybe I should say a 'rowdy' success".
Mary Morel Ingram '72 - "What a wonderful weekend with the dearest people in the world. We really did make lifelong friendships at Joe's and it showed in outpourings of love towards each other after all these years."
Debbie Curley Reid '72 - "It was an outstanding weekend of laughter ... camaraderie ... sharing and caring for all we have become and shared as we ‘grew up’. The 2 awards were the icing on the cake!"
Leslie Fulton Weatherly '72 - "A wonderful walk down memory lane with classmates. The memories seem like yesterday!"

We will be posting photos on our website as soon as they are available so stay tuned to Also, if you haven’t been receiving e-mails from SJCAA, please contact the office This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your updated e-mail address.
Association Updates

The Board and I would like to thank each and every one of you for your support of our Alumnae Association throughout the years. You are the people who make it possible for our Association to thrive and to stay alive.

Through your generous contributions, we have established the St. Joseph College Alumnae Association Scholarship at Mount St. Mary’s University which has been actively helping students work towards their educational goals since 2015.

This scholarship will continue the legacy that Mother Seton started in the Valley so long ago. Her efforts to create an institution that would educate young women in a religious environment will continue as the students at the Mount reach for their dreams with the help of the St. Joseph College Alumnae Association Scholarships. Thanks to all of you for helping to keep our spirit alive for many more years through this scholarship.

Thanks to all of your support and financial generosity, this Reunion and all of the activities during the year are made possible. Even though our SJCAA is small, it is mighty!

The commitment and loyalty that our members have to our Association is so strong. It is inspiring to see how our members keep the Association on its feet by planning events and keeping the finances “by the book” – working inexhaustibly to make every detail perfect.
We still depend on two keys to keep us running – the first key is annual dues payments.
Our financial plan was created in 2013, with the anticipation that we would have to dip into savings in 2015. We are pleased to say that through your generosity, this has not been the case. By increasing dues payments in order to help cover the slow shrinkage of association members and recruiting SJCAA members who have not contributed in the past, we are able to stay in the black and continue our association as well as our contributions to Mother Seton School and the Seton Outreach Center.  That is because of all of you.  Thank you so much for your generosity to your alumnae association. The board will continue to monitor expenses and cut where we can without affecting the service to the alumnae membership.

The second key to our continued success is volunteers.  Your class agents keep you informed about SJCAA activities, updates on classmates, and help organize the class activities for reunion.  The board – which includes members from the classes of 1964 to 1974 – supports functions such as overseeing our finances, working with the day–to-day operations of the office, spending six months as a labor of love planning  the Valley Echo publication, and by updating the SJCAA website and sending email blasts frequently in order to keep you informed about  association activities such as scholarships awarded to Mother Seton School and Mount St. Mary’s, donations to the Seton Outreach Center, class get-togethers, club get-togethers, planning for reunion, and then our memories of reunion weekend.  

The challenge to recruit volunteers continues and the work is on our shoulders. If you are able to help in any way, please contact your class agent or any of the Board members.

We could not continue to be a viable alumnae association without our volunteers.  We need volunteers to help their class agents start planning activities for their Milestone Reunions a few years ahead of those dates.  

Please remember that as long as we have a group of SJC volunteers, we will be able to keep dues at a reasonable level, we should be able to keep the association alive until we can all celebrate the 50th reunion of each class that attended St. Joseph College in 2025.

This is not like the closing of the college – the life of the association is in our hands. You can determine how long we can keep things going by paying dues and by helping out where you can.
Thank you for all of your help in the past and for the help that you will provide in the future.
Smiles and sunshine!


Trudie Mangiaracina Glazewski ‘74
St. Joseph College Alumnae Association

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