Remembering Our Alumnae

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Elizabeth Beckman (1/1/1985)
Marta de la Concepion Ruiz Carrow (7/28/1994)
Ida Ramaciotti Cushwa  (8/12/1987)
Cecila Allen Doyle (01/2000)
Margaret Oldham Humphrey (2000)
Clare Kelly Kelley


Sarah C. Christie
Alice Cecilia Bailey Lloyd (1/21/1998)
Dorothy Rigg Mohler  (4/19/2009) View Obituary >>
Marie Ancona Sprague
Julia Walsh Werner (11/1/1980)


Mary Louise Farrell Dickson
Irene Schwartz Emmet (2/17/2001)
Margaret Davis Gable
Mary Frances Darr Gibbons (6/16/1981)
Genevieve Shaw O’Gorman
Hilda Lyons Query
Cecilia M. Twomey


Julia Hynes Christie (1/25/2003)
Sara A. Folan
Helen Vanier Knott (5/17/2001)
Margaret Cecilia Morrison Parks (10/13/2001)
Anna May Branen Provost
Sr. Rose Marie Sours


Helen Cau DuVal (2/17/2002)
Josephine Smith Eckenrode (8/12/1999)
Gertrude O’Connor English
Helen Murphy Farley (6/29/2005)
Madeline Hardy Ferry
Catherine Rohn Finch
Mary McCarthy Fitzgerald (8/14/1980)
Lucille Klopp Friedman
Frances Collins Hamill (1996)
Dorothy Jones (5/11/2002)
Jeanette Gibbons Kegel
Lillian White Kelly (12/18/2001)
Jane Galvin Wall Magri (2/7/1998)
Anne Mahoney (9/1/1976)
Emily C. Maloney
Celestine Federal Noonan (12/2/2000)
Pauline Shaner Scruggs
Sr. Barbara Storms (7/2001)
Catherine Jentzen Storms (2/20/1990)
Mary Sue Biser Whisker
Eileen Canada Whitty (5/13/2000)


Mary Kay Adelsberger
Genevieve Brady Fisk
Helen Dickman Gilner (2/7/2002)
Ruth Roberts Hermans (2002)
Honor Mary Keane (2/4/2000)
Dorothy Roddy Lynch (9/1/2000)
Catherine G. McNalley (8/1/1973)
Mary E. Monahan
Helen Neer Shanahan
Mary Batson Simon
Catherine E. Vos Soles (8/2001)
Edith Case Stem (6/22/2000)
Margaret Milan Studds (1/2005)
Agatha Weant Weisman

May their souls and all the souls of our faithful departed rest in peace.

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