Remembering Sr. Juliana Kowal, D.C.

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Sr. Julianna Kowal, D.C.Former SJC science professor Sr. Juliana Kowal, D.C., passed away on Oct. 17, 2010, in Emmitsburg. Read her obituary>>

Upon hearing of her passing, members of the Class of 1972 have shared their memories of her via email. Following are some of their thoughts.

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I remember seeing Sr. Juliana in a wheelchair several years ago in the back of the Provincial House Chapel. She was so happy to see all of us.  My greatest memory was the year she was off campus on sabbatical.  She was driving up the “A” one Friday afternoon and our sign, hanging out of a dorm window, "Out of the zoo in 72," caught her eye. She plowed into my car (except it was my sister’s car that I had borrowed)!  I was happy to know that nuns had insurance!  God bless Sr. Juliana. She is probably already working on science projects in heaven!”
– Mary Pat Bohan Kelly

Remember when we stole the arm from the skeleton and scared the crap out of Paulette? That was hilarious! Sr. Juliana was a gift.  She knew her anatomy and passed her knowledge on to us. We were fortunate to have her as an instructor. – Hope Heaven Hatch

I remember the time that those of us who were not nurses were supposed to be dissecting frogs, and Ann-Marie let many of them escape out the back door of the lab. Sr. Juliana said she did not believe our story that it was an "accident." She said we could not get out of it that easily, and replacement frogs were located and arrived shortly thereafter. Good times, fond memories, for all but the replacement frogs, of course. – Leslie Fulton Weatherly

Another ‘icon’ gone. – Chris Mele

She called me Virginia the entire year, and the one time I corrected her, she replied, "Yes, I know, Virginia." I will always remember her. – Veronica Duggan Flynn

Remember those fetal pigs! – Jayne Bianco Cohill

She did know her anatomy!  I was able to spend some time with her last year at the reunion. It was a precious experience. She was a great lady. – Maureen Maloy Biggers

One of my greatest memories of her and her class was the oral anatomy exam with that stupid skeleton.  She couldn’t catch me, so she went to some minute fissures in the brain. Didn’t do well in logic, but I could memorize! She still couldn’t stump me. It was one of my best memories of her, and you are right, the old gal knew her anatomy! - Julie Lombard Venuti

All I can say is, "Are you with me on that?" She did know her biology. – Susanne Palmer

Sr. Julianna Kowal, D.C.


#3 Mary Louise Libby Palm class of 68 2015-02-12 10:54
Sr. Julianna came to our 25th Reunion and we were delighted to see her. We teased her about how hard her A&P classes were. She never backed down; just replied "Of course, I wanted you to be good nurses." I've since used her line with my nursing students! Sr. was the best A&P teacher!
#2 Clarice Tomino Custer 2013-12-20 21:53
So sorry to hear of Sister Julianna's passing. I have such clear memories of the fetal pigs and frogs. Sister had to ask me to leave many times because I would/could not do the dissections. Twenty-five years later, my husband was asked to be a guest speaker at a conference held at Mt. St. Mary's and he asked me to come along, since I had gone to St. Joes. Wouldn't you know it, Sister Julianna was the person introducing my husband and recognized me in the audience. She proceeded to retell the stories of the times she had asked me to leave class. I guess her memories were as vivid as mine. What a character! We will miss her.
#1 Gail Watkins Crawford class of 66 2012-10-21 20:23
So sorry to lean of Sister Julianna's death. To this day I remember infrspinatous fossa. Do you? I wish I had told her how much I admired her and how often I have thought of her over the years. She was such a model of an educated woman and a passionate educator.

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