Oldest SJC Alumnae Dies at 106

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On Sunday, June 5, 2016 Mary Wachter Unglesbee passed away at 106 years old.  Born on March 4, 1910, she was a member of the SJC Class of 1931 graduating with a degree in Music.  She spent the next 75 years teaching, first in Montgomery County, then at the Notre Dame Academy in Libertytown, Md.  She also taught private piano lessons in her home as well as played the organ and directed the Choir at St Peter the Apostle Church, Libertytown, Md.  She was an avid reader and enjoyed crossword puzzles.

Interviewed by the Frederick News Post for her 100th birthday, Mary gave the following advise to young people: “Listen to the older ones and go to church.  Don’t do what everybody else does.  Just do what is right whether you like it or not.”

In 2011, at age 101, she was recognized by St John Catholic School in Frederick as their oldest living alumnae.  

She was the wife of the late Charles L. Unglesbee and is survived by her son Holmes Unglesbee and daughter Martha Unglesbee Figlioli, SJC Class of 1967.

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