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Tribute to Marie Long '54

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Marie Long

by Jane Irwin Hollabaugh (SJC ‘75)

How to honor Marie Long? A daunting objective which I can only aspire to adequately achieve. Marie became a part of my life 45 years ago this past August when, as a freshman at SJC, I began my work study program with the SJCAA. Sister Mary Bernard McEntee was the Alumnae Moderator, Mary Frances Smith (SJC ’63) was the Executive Secretary, and Marie Long was the main cog in the wheel which so efficiently ran the daily operations of the Alumnae Office.

While my opportunity to interact with the entire office only lasted through May 1973, the SJCAA was fortunate to have Marie at the helm until she retired and passed the baton to Betty Daly McFann (SJC '60). During that time, Marie was not only responsible for all the correspondence and routine obligations of running the office: she also reminded/procured/typed/edited each issue of the SJCAA Quarterly; worked with each Reunion Chair in planning/organizing/inviting all the special guests and those who were integral parts of Reunions; packing/carting/setting-up everything (including all the merchandise for our “General Store”) and repeating everything in reverse, making sure each Reunion ran smoothly and successfully; organizing/scheduling the required SJCAA Board Meetings; and performing countless unknown “duties” – all for the benefit and betterment of the SJCAA.

For those of us who were privileged to know Marie on a personal level outside of the SJCAA, we couldn’t have had a better, more faithful and devoted friend. Marie had a heart of gold, always remembered birthdays, special events, and to send cards/notes/words of encouragement in both good and challenging times.

“All Together” we laughed, cried, loved and prayed through all the years. Personally, my life is far richer because Marie was such a special part of it – at this point, almost two-thirds of my life. I feel confident in saying: “Thank you, Marie – we will not forget you, and you will be greatly missed!”

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